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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Bob King

It is a creative and a popular decision. But I am not sure I agree with this on principle.

If what we are saying is that final exams are not instructional in nature, I think that will be pretty big news in the academic world. I doubt that Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, et al are going to re-visit their instructional procedures because of this situational logic on SBISD's part.

And if final exams and prepping for them are non-instructional this semester, then why would they ever be instructional in any future semester? We could shrink the whole school year by about two additional weeks with the benefit of this philosophical breakthrough.

And why stop there? Getting rid of all testing could give the kids Fridays off all year, it would seem.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but it seems to me that Ike has put SBISD's commitment to academic rigor in opposition to parental conveniences (and by this I mean, mainly, ski trips and summer vacations). So we chose convenience. I think it's a creative rationalization and yet another example of our society's inability to do hard and inconvenient things. I cannot imagine my parents and their elected representatives making the same decision when I was in school.

The kids are ECSTATIC about the decision. Apparently, so also are a number of parents and teachers. But I think it says something unfortunate about all of our priorities.

Madelaine Morris

This is a brilliant upon brilliant idea! Without any further family or community sacrifices, our AP college bound seniors will still receive the instructional time needed for preparation for the national exams. Bravo!!


Great decision. As always, thank you Mike for keeping us posted and well informed on issues that affect our children's education.

Lisa Slattery

As a teacher and a parent, I am very pleased with this solution. We get our week of instructional time back without giving up family time. Great thinking!

Claire Martin

I am so pleased with the Board of SBISD!!! What a great solution. It achieves so many objectives and creates a win-win situation for both administration and students. It is an "out-of-the-box" thought process that reflects the efforts of a caring, creative and hard-working Board. Thank you!!!

Robert Stevenson, CPA

My compliments to the board and Dr. Klussmann for doing the right thing.

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