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Saturday, November 12, 2005



I wrote a paper a few of years ago titled 'Unschooling for Adults'. You can read it here:


We would be interested in your thoughts/comments. Its basis is in adult educational theory and its compatability with unschooling.


It would be fascinating to see if the evident epistemological superiority of learning that which one is motivated to learn, that which is the subject of active thought, could possibly be applied to a more school-like context.

There have, of course, already been a number of efforts to achieve this, (in the UK in places like Dartington and Summerhill and a number of state schools in the 70's), but these projects tended to fail in some ways, often because there was insufficient awareness of the importance of the facilitator's role, which resulted in a laissez-faire situation where good theories were not offered.

Perhaps IT will make the difference and personalised, intrinsically motivated learning will become a genuine classroom possibility in years to come, but till then, "unschooling" will probably retain that title.

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