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Friday, November 25, 2005



During a discussion, someone basically said wikipedia wasn't so reliable or good as people could go in and edit the text.

I said I could show here all kinds of errors in published books, contained there for a variety of reasons. Both published allegedly documented sources and wikipedia have can have bad information and both can have good information.

As an example I said the learned people of old though "the world was flat" and likely the books of the day said so somewhere.

I said that likely wikipedia had something on the subject, so entered "wikipedia, the world is flat" and your website, among others popped up.

Thank you for your work on this interesting site.

Due to the holidays, I did not have time to investigate all the links but perhaps another time.

I stand on the side that Wikipedia can be used as a reference, but that like everything in life, with an understanding of how the site works.

The person I was disagreeing with, later said they use wikipedia, then corroborate information they need with other sources.

On the other hand, I know bias can ensure misleading information. Los Angeles, CA wants all the surrounding areas to fall under its veil, but the Inland Empire, which includes Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, CA. One or more websites have listed the Inland Empire Counties as a subset of Los Angeles, or a suburb of L.A., which I disagree with. The European portion of IE goes back quite a long way and the IE was a big deal with lots of money etc.

Anyway I digress. Thanks again for your blog on Wikipedia and The World is Flat, etc.

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