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Saturday, April 01, 2006



I knew that 12 yr. old boy that died of the choking game.... there is a lot more to the story than what you know!! He was a good friend!! I was a year older and we went to the same school!! I just feel bad for the family and his grade, b/c its happening againg... but to them!! There have been 2 other deaths at my school, both students in my grade!! I just hope that ppl start recognizing that it was an accidental death but it was he hwo did it to himself and it can happen to ANYONE!! we even have an award at our school now that a student earns.. for being nice like him!!


24 Kids - a Classroom - tragically deceased from a 'game' they thought was a safe thing to do.
Kids across the country are dying from playing the Choking Game. Typically good kids aged 9-14, my son included. Dylan was 11 years old in October 2005 when he decided to try 'playing' the game by himself. I was in the living room and he was in his bedroom, I went to check on him and what I found, no parent should ever find. These children have no intent of ending their lives, they are looking for the 'rush' sensation.

There are warning signs beyond bruises or marks on the neck:
*marks on furniture or closet rods from previous activity
*items tied in strange knots (bed sheets, tee-shirts, belts, shoelaces)
*locked bedroom doors or a need for increased privacy
There are more but keep in mind NONE of these signs are required for a child to be playing.
Dylan had none of these signs and I had never heard of the Choking Game. That alone was a dangerous combination.

My ignorance and his naivety of the activity contributed to his death. Kids think this is 'safe' - it's not illegal or drugs after all. What they don't realize is the extreme danger they put themselves in EVERY time they play. Please take the opportunity I wish I'd had - talk to your kids about it.
For Parent tips, warning signs, family support, reported cases, visit:

Educate yourself and those around you!

Kate Blake
The Dylan Blake Foundation
for Adolescent Behaviors

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