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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Teen Drug Rehab

The most important weapon in parents' arsenal against teen drug use in involvement. Those parents are super-involved in the lives of their children are much more likely to enjoy a drug-free household. Know where your children are at all times. Ask them about their day. Help encourage their dreams and goals!

mary holmes

As a parent of two small children I fear that they will venture down the road their father and I went down. It was a very difficult road to get off of. I am afraid that they will do the same although having "been there done that" I am hoping that we will be very aware of the signs and symptoms. Notes to other parents- DO NOT GIVE UP, please. Be a parent dont let them get away with anything, your instincts are most likely right, stick with them.


As parents we are always looking for way to protect our children’s from dangers like drugs and alcohol. Experience in our life us now that adolescence in probably the most challenging period as human and we look for tools that could help us as parents with our children’s. Drug testing has become a tool use by parents using home drug test to be more aware if their teen is experimenting with drugs.

A recent government survey tells us:

• Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in the United States. Nearly 69 million Americans over the age of 12 have tried marijuana at least once.
• About 10 million had used the drug in the month before the survey.
• Among teens 12 to 17, the average age of first trying marijuana was 14 years.

A yearly survey of students in grades 8 through 12 shows that 23 percent of 8th-graders have tried marijuana at least once, and by 10th grade, 21 percent are "current" users (that is, used within the past month). Among 12th-graders, nearly 50 percent have tried marijuana/hash at least once, and about 24 percent were current users.

More companies like medicaldisposables.us that sell home drug test and promote products like the THC Home Drug Test, can offer parents immediate results and answers to the question of drug use from their teen. Is very important to know also Drug Detection Periods this can help parents to understand how much frequently they can test and how long drugs stay in the body.

Should you be home drug testing?

It comes down to a very personal and individual decision, and there is no clear or easy answer to this question. The home drug test are not perfect, and there are risks associated with the testing process, but if you don't think you can keep your kids safe any other way, then maybe home drug testing is worth doing. If your child does have a history of drug use or substance abuse problems, then the arguments towards testing get a lot more compelling, and if your child has a history of lying to you about their substance use, then you may not need to worry much about eroding your trust relationship.

If you do decide that you need to test your child, make sure you have a reasoned talk with them explaining why you're are doing it, and explaining that you are only testing them because you love and worry for them. Parenting teens is a tough job, and there are rarely easy answers.


Parents can help deter their children from drug use by purchasing instant drug screens and testing their children. Just keeping an instant test around the house usually works. These are the same instant tests that 1000's of employers have been using for years.

They are very reasonable to purchase, under $15 and give you results in minutes.

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